Planting purslane in garden

Planting purslane in garden

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Planting purslane in garden

When you plant purslane in your garden you will know what to do to get maximum harvest from your kitchen. And you will get the benefit of this green vegetable as we eat purslane all year round. For those people who like salads you can use it like rocket which is growing in a bunch all at once. But for those who are more into cooking purslane can be made into a good salad ingredient.

I’m not going to be into recipes or diet but if you read my blog you should be able to guess that I like good food and do not eat any form of fast food. Also it means that I enjoy good cooking. So for those who also like good food and good eating I’ve created this blog for you. There you can read about great recipes that I’ve made in my kitchen or my garden. And here you will find interesting tips, interesting facts and you will learn a thing or two about good food.

In the beginning of the year in my new greenhouse I made the discovery that this green vegetable can be used to make a healthy salad. For this I first harvested my garden greens and then I cut and washed them. Then I took a purslane plant from my herb garden which was growing in the sunny greenhouse window and I cut off some parts of the plant. You can also make your own garden purslane from seed which I don’t know how to do. But you will find instructions here on how to make your own. I’ve used some salad ingredients like feta cheese, red onion, lettuce, pepper, basil, mint, rocket, etc. and added some olive oil and vinegar. For this purslane salad I made this way I found it so delicious. It’s like a healthy salad but full of flavour. I ate my salad all the time for lunch when we had time to make a salad before I made dinner. This is one of the healthiest and tastiest dishes I’ve ever eaten. I hope you like it too.

For this recipe we are going to use some of the leaves of our purslane, some of our garden lettuces, as well as some of our arugula and some rocket. These different greens can be combined in any way you want. Maybe you have some fresh salad herbs on hand. I would love to see what you can come up with. For this salad I used a combination of arugula, radicchio, salad greens, purslane leaves, rocket, lettuce and basil. But if you want to try a different combination you can always do it. It’s really up to you. I hope you will enjoy this healthy, tasty salad as much as I do.

This recipe makes three servings of this salad. It can be served as a starter or for lunch. I love it so much. You can put your own spin on the ingredients in this salad and come up with your own recipe. Experimenting with different combinations is always a nice thing to do. I hope you will have fun and enjoy the experience of making this healthy and delicious salad.

1 teaspoon mustard powder or a teaspoon of Italian dressing, for example

1 tablespoon olive oil

5-6 leaves of purslane

1-2 handfuls of arugula

1/2 bunch of spring mix greens

3 radicchio leaves

5-6 leaves of romaine lettuce

2-3 heads of rocket

a few basil leaves

salt and pepper

Mix all the ingredients together. Toss the ingredients with the dressing or mustard powder. You can add your own spices and ingredients if you want to make this your own recipe.

This salad goes with so many different recipes. For example, try it with some grilled fish, grilled steak or chicken breast. It’s delicious with pasta. And, I’m sure you can come up with many other combinations of ingredients. Enjoy this healthy, tasty salad!

Hello from the Sunshine State, Florida. I want to let you know that we love healthy food, especially for our family and for ourselves. We try to make healthy food as one of our family values, and it’s a choice we make everyday. I am so glad you’ve found this website and I would like to get your blog site more traffic and hopefully more readers. We will always read your blog daily and hope to hear from you soon.

I love this salad, too! I’m actually on a quest to find a type of fresh mustard greens and I’m so happy that I found you! I just placed an order with a company that sells the most delicious ones on the web, but I can’t remember the name! I will have to do some Googling to find them. Thanks so much!

Hi, I just found your site. My husband and I started on my grandmothers diet of beans, veggies, fruit and eggs for breakfast. Loved it and after 30 years of eating like that I’ve lost a total of 50 pounds in a year. Then my son’s girlfriend who is 5 months pregnant told me she was going to see a doctor. At that time, her doctor had told her she should lose 60 pounds but she was only 14 weeks pregnant. The doctor also said that the baby was the size of a “mango”. She is now 24 weeks pregnant. She is very nervous and the doctor did nothing to calm her nerves but ordered her a diet which included chicken broth, whole grains, veggies and protein shakes with whey protein. I told her about your site and she is following your advice. When she called me last week she told me she had a “mango” sized baby and the doctor said she was doing fine. I’m very happy to hear that, for she is very emotional and was scared to death about the new baby.

I am a 43 year old woman and have been dieting since I was 12. I’ve always been “skinny” but my clothes have always been way too small for me and I’m so short that even my t-shirt usually fit over my breasts. I’ve had to go to the same store for years for the same size (although not for several years now). This year I really started to lose weight and now I’m down 40 lbs. I’m happy with this and don’t want to get back to my old size!

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